Confirming letter

Why is it constantly sending me emails saying confirm my application and status and then nothing not even a link to confirm it.


Im receiving the same emails and text messages and have not been very successful with this matter.


I also am receiving the same emails and i have not even filled an application out yet because I don’t know where online i can fill one out yet. I do not drive and need really to fill out information online if possible.


Depending on your location, you can fill out the application with your public housing authority.





Same. Multiple emails to confirm yet no way to confirm.


Hi there!
Please contact the nearest HUD housing office for information regarding voucher mailing. You can use the HUD office locator tool to find the nearest office: PHA Contact Information | / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
I hope this is helpful to you,
AHH Family


I’m Sheilah Craft,And I’m Confirming My Letter For Housing Section 8 Voucher Program Packet /Emergency Housing.I’ve Updated My Mailing Address And Phone Number,But No-One Has Contacted Me By Either One.Can Someone From The Forum Dept.Have Someone From The Housing Authority Contact Me And Some Other People Are Saying The Same Thing I’m Saying,They Overlooking Our Paperwork Or Misplacing It And Lying About What Their Doing,Some Are Bias And Some Are Discriminating Against Me,But Wait Til I Talk To Headquarters Office Some Will Not Have A Job.
Authority’s Just Don’t Care About Others; And People Who Work,Try Work For A Honest Living And Pay Some Real Bills And Get Mistreated So Unfairly And Get Wrongfully Evicted And Forced Out Of Apartment Rental.
I’M Gonna Have To Sue The HUD,HHA,PHA And The Apartment Owners Of The Estate Property,Also The Victor Trevino Constables Precinct 6 Courts @333 Lockwood Dr.Houston,Tx 77020.(Apr.21,2010-Sept.24,2023)
My Question Is Why Do I Keep Finding Myself,Asking Theses Same Questions,Without Getting/Receiving Any Answers To Resolve This Problem They Have Created.

Thank You,
Very,Concern Rental Tenant
Sheilah Craft

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Thank you very much this is so confusing. All i want to do is update my information. Be blessed marina

Where can i find the confirmation leþter they sent me because im consistently getting these emails but no link to it nor letter

its sending me the samething about updating my information but then takes me to this page so i and a little confused need help need to know what to do because i need all this to get done fast because i am homless and with child do in 2 moths

Where do I go to fill out this application for HUD application

I’ve found through my research of this site that it doesn’t help you sign up. You have to go to your local office. I live in Washington state and am on a different housing voucher program which is much better than section 8. I got out of a marriage of domestic violence, neglect, and he got all my disability money for years along with an illegal Power of Attorney over me to become my care giver. He paid a lawyer to have his record wiped clean and then when I told the authorities, Aging and Long Term Care, and Adult Protective Services what he was claiming for he was doing to get paid by the state he retaliated against me and tried to kill me. I narrowly escaped with my life and was kept safe out of town and then with friends of mine. I’m now on a housing voucher program by the govenor of our state. I love it because they give you a case manager who helps you get a place to stay, food assistance, and your medical needs finally addressed. If you have questions please contact me.