People with felons that need housing

Why is he so hard for people with felons to get housing some people feelings for years old but they’re still using it against a person who’s not even the same person they was 10 years ago can a person change tell a person get a chance to try to live a regular life and not be judged by something you have already paid your debt to society for but yeah I’m still being judged on actions that I may have done when I was a kid I am a grown man and I do grown man things

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Hey Kijafa. I feel you man! It’s ridiculous how tough it is for people with a record to find decent housing. Honestly… it is a form of discrimination imo… But, sadly, you probably won’t have any legal protection against it. Anyway, there are resources available to help you find safe and affordable housing, even with a criminal record. Some states and local authorities offer certificates of rehabilitation, which can help show landlords and employers that you’ve turned your life around. In addition, some states offer tax incentives to landlords who rent to people with criminal records.

If that’s not available in your area, research non-profit organizations that can help you out too. But the key thing to remember is to be honest with landlords and property managers about your record.

Don’t let your past define you. You’re a grown-ass man now, and you deserve a chance to live a stable and fulfilling life. Keep looking, keep asking for help, and know that there are people out there who care and who want to see you succeed. You got this!

Have a wonderful day!
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Lonnell Deondre Kinchion
Non criminal felony confirmed

Lonnell Deondre Kinchion
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