Rental assistance

I’m 61 in a SNF >90 days approved at 60 years old for HCBA waiver. My apartment mgr is willing to accept a voucher from me after 12 years of asking. However, now I’m being told that I don’t qualify because I’m in apartment already. Please advise. I’ve been permanently disabled for 30 years.

Hello Grace, It seems like you’re having trouble using a rental assistance voucher to stay in your current apartment, even though your landlord is willing to accept it… Who told you that you don’t qualify? Is the housing authority asking you to move out?

It might be worth exploring legal options to see if you can find a solution. Additionally, have you tried reaching out to any organizations that offer tenant advocacy or housing assistance to see if they can help you navigate this situation?

Also, If you’re disabled and low income applying for special needs housing should be easier for you to get approved for housing assistance. Hud prioritizes housing resources for people who are disabled and low income. You might have better luck Re applying this way of you can use your current voucher.

AHH Team

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Take it to the individuals who gave it to you, originally

Thank you for your response!

I already have an apartment. The owner has agreed to accept a voucher from me, whereas he previously had not. The Dayle McIntosh Center issues the vouchers for Orange County. They are saying that the Choice Voucher is only for those who do not have apartments not for those who are in danger of losing it and need long-term rental assistance.