Screening process

Of housing contacted me telling me they’re starting my screening process…I fill out all the forms and sent back on time should I contact them? If I do what should I say is like to get an apartment as soon as possible

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I’m so frustrated and spiritual broken with automated service and emails and messages that never be returned I’m baffled by lack of professionalism and compassion the most horrible thing to wait so long and then finally get there and from no communication with PHA office or any other services that can help you guide you to keep your voucher keep your hopes and finally the feeling you are going to have security and foundation that you can see goals and pride and structure you go through hoops and running in circles and the blink of the eye with no reason why your no longer active or taken off the program and no one is telling you why’s and you definitely can’t get anyone on the phone or respond to prevent it from first even happening I’ve been approved from couple of areas and failed per not my fault

Congrats on being approved for screening. Hang tight and check our emails and mail often, and be on the look out for any communications for the PHA or housing authority you applied to. IF tell us where you applied we could try to research for specifics about that particular PHA
office’s screening process and share it with you.

Typical what happens next is:

  1. How did they contact you? If by mail or email, there should be instructions for you on what to do next in their response. Usually applicants sit tight during the screening and then are notified by the PHA about the next steps (Housing briefing is next)
  2. It never hurts to call or email them. Simply say you want to make sure nothing is needed from you and that you didn’t miss any attempts from the PHA office to contact you.
  3. Typically what happens now is a background check. the PHA wont check your credit but they will confirm your income. and information you put on the application. They may look into criminal background
    Screening HCV applicants is now an option for PHAs, but is not mandated
    by law. The PHA has the option of screening HCV applicants for:
    • Drug-related criminal activity or other criminal activity that is a threat to
    the health, safety, or property of others;
    • Non-payment of rent or utility bills;
    • Poor treatment of previous housing units and premises; and
    • Lack of respect for the rights of other residents to the peaceful
    enjoyment of their housing.
  4. If anything changed as far as your household size, income or contact information, the PHA will verify that your application is accurate.
  5. After you pass screening you may be asked to provide additional documentation.
  6. You maybe asked by your PHA to attend a briefing regarding move in, tenant responsibilities.

To learn everything you could know about this visit HUD’s site here
God bless and good luck!
AHH Family

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We feel your pain. We understand and don’t disagree. What you are saying are all reasons why decided to help. Everyone of us have been through similar crisis as you’re describing. BUT there is hope, we made it through with some luck and help from god you can too.

WE need to know how to help you though? Where are you looking for housing? What city, what state or zip code?

Phone is going to be the hardest way to apply. Like it or not you are going to have to do it online, keep track of your email and mail and have a number you can be reaches at.

So get an email address and get access to a computer where you can check your mail daily.
It takes constant effort to apply and monitor you application and maill or email for your response. You will have to periodically verify your contact info and that you are still interested in a housing voucher if you have been on the waiting list.

PHA and Housing Authorities operate under HUD guidelines but have their own procedures, For us to help you, we need to know where you applied and we can investigate their processes and tell you what you may expect.

We are paying for you and hoping to hear back from you with something we can go on.

So screening process can take months!? When I call what specific questions or things I could ask?

My name is cedell August and I have been wrongly taken off the housing section 8 voucher program due to the PHA office both Dallas and Houston lack of human contact and ethics and compassion and concern for my urgency of housing and the respect I’ve jumped through hoops and circles I’ve been going with automated phone service once I received the voucher I oñot given time to locate place then Dallas said I was removed for expired voucher and I couldn’t get anyone to investigate this urgent matter nor respond to my email and messages I’ve continued leaving at both Phà office,. there is no one trying to help me keep avoiding the main issue that needs to be addressed and the responsible person that handle my case should be evaluated for ethical and lack of procedural and compassion how extra efforts support was not demonstrated nor efforts to help me knowing they have the ability to do specially knowing the sever outcome of the individuals living status the 4 and a more flustered by the waiting time disrespectful tone and attitude from most employees you swallowiñg your pride to be spoken to like a child or if you were ignorant and your neither only lack of understanding the steps to insure your direction for help with your desperately housing situation and secure foundation