Severe autism resource

Curious about adult severe autism day resources

Some communities offer career training and social activities to adults with autism who attend day programs. You can also look at community centers and groups that offer day programs for persons with impairments in general.

Here are some resources in Arizona for adults with severe autism:

  • Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center: Offers programs and services for people with autism and their families, including adult services concentrating on job and independent living skills.
  • The Greater Phoenix Autism Society: Provides programs and services for people with autism, such as social and recreational activities, vocational training, and support groups.
  • Arizona Autism United: Offers programs and services for people with autism, including adult services focusing on vocational training and independent living skills.
  • Desert Autism Solutions: Adult services concentrating on vocational training, social and recreational activities, and independent living skills are available for people with autism.

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