Finding apartments wit section 8 & no credit

   Hello my name is ivy living in central nj waited 10 years to get my section 8 lost last apartment bc landlord did not want to renew my lease after 7 yrs 9/30/23 been homeless since then desperately trying to find a place where they dont ask me to fill a link or just plain out say no to section 8 my credit score is N/A SO ONCE they run it i get denied my 6 months is up march 19th & i lose my section 8 i literally feel hopeless and worthless to my children i dont understand how the government got all this funding for covid to aid wit the homeless but its only gotten worse landlords arent regulated on the rent they charge and this credit is bullshit bc mine is literally based on nothing u kno i got nothing good but nothing bad either so why punish me i deserve to be homeless without a roof over my head bc my father always said dont get credit cards theyll put you in debt but if id gotten them id br getting thousands from the government rite now please 🙏 for me good luck 2 everyone sorry had to vent