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Hello I’m 61 I am on disability i get a monthly income I been homeless since 2015 I been living in different places every since been to the hospital had a Tumor surgery ended a nursing home for 2 and half year then was living in a Boarding home in Red Bank NJ I ended up getting kick out the reason was really uncall for misunderstand but didn’t seen they wanted to hear what I told them. So now in living in a motel been there over 2 years now. I had my name on some waiting lists but never heard from any one said they try to call me but I never received any voice mail or gotten anything in the mail they told me I had to reply which I did but the list #no seen to go up instead of down last I look it went down 37 on the list but that goes up at time they tell me if a Veterans is on list they go a head of you even if you were on the list before them. Its been very frustrated living in a small room and a motel very difficult and not have any transportation and I’m really not able to walk far and get to the bus to take a bus and I don’t have that much money forget after I pay rent for my room they’re going to leave you much money which I have other bills. And my social worker or care lady whatever you want to call them I don’t get any help from them at all I mean everything that I got a social worker they had done nothing for me is there anybody out there it might be able to help me that would be great in any way but the main thing I’m looking for affordable house low income housing with something to have a lot of problem finding. Thanks you for taking time to read this post.

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You may benefit more by reading this article about rapid rehousing. We know Section 8 housing programs can be the most difficult programs to get assistance from because of the long resources that are prioritized for vets, elderly, disabled etc.

try doing a google search for “local Nonprofit Housing” You may want to even investigate homelessness
If you find yourself facing homelessness, there are housing assistance programs that can get you into a home within 30-60 days, typically much faster than Section 8 (HCV) or Public Housing. Below are some options that might help:

  1. You will need to ask your PHA about their CoC sponsored programs for homelessness and rapid rehousing. There is no where to apply directly for Rapid Re-Housing (as far as we know). You need to speak to your local Public Housing Agency or authorities about your situation to qualify.

  2. For a list a Public Housing Authorities in your area go here and select your state. You can then find the nearest office to your location.

  3. Be sure to contact your PHA about: Public Housing,
    4.Supportive Housing,* low income, Elderly, and Special Needs Housing

  • Ask about all Housing resources!
  1. Visit this article and follow the instructions to locate all housing resources in your area online!

I need help finding and applying for assistance I have 2 girls and not enough space for them I let them sleep on the bed,and sometimes on the floor,I am a single mother seeking for help,sometimes I dont know where Im going to sleep,most of the time I sleep in my car,and a lot of times I just dont know,I do make sure my kids are safe,but im tired of living like this We deserve better but I dont know where to start