Needing help with finding a place in lake county florida

60 yrs. old bouncing from place to place on SSI income which isn’t much and all I want is a place to call my own but with all this you have to make 2 or 3 times the rent is crazy for people who is on disability. the government is not really looking out for people on disability. who can’t afford to pay rent and are force to live in the street or abandon house and fearing for their life. i apply for section 8 for more than 15 years ago. how do we get to know if ever approved if we don’t have a permanent stable place to stay. everywhere i go for based on income is taken and with government saying section 8 is close. the government helping other country but not helping those in their own back yard. we have homeless, staving, and veterans. who are wondering and can’t afford a home.
i am not a veteran. i am just homeless. trying to get a home. in need of assistant every page you go to that say could help come’s with doing a survey we need help not a survey with credit check for a home or house i can’t afford credit application or a fee to check my credit this why we all in a bad place in life because credit check fee, application fee so they could make money just to say you don’t qualify. WE NEED HELP NOT SURVEY

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I’m in need of 2bedroom in Bakersfield ca