Help me please to whom it may concern

Good evening, my name is Frederick, I’m homeless at the moment staying in my car with my wife. I’m currently disabled and in a wheelchair. I’m waiting on my disability hearing and no other income at the moment. I do receive food stamps that’s about it. I need help a.s.a.p thanks

Hi Freeze,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. We are sorry to hear of your current living circumstances. That sounds far from ideal. We will try to help you.

We suggest doing some research googling non profit homeless shelters in your city and state.

We also suggest that you connect with your local HUD sponsored public housing agent here is a list, select your state then find a PHA office in the area you live and work in. Connecting with both government sponsored and non profits are suggested. If you are currently homeless and qualify as disabled, you should be a good candidate for emergency rental assistance but you will have to find out by working with your local housing authorities.

We can help you with research but you need to share your city and state buy please don’t share any personal info.

Hopefully you can find a shelter to suit your needs better than your vehicle. Ideally your disability hearing goes well and you can get approved for emergency housing choice vouchers, they tend to have longer waiting lists.

Speak with your city and state housing authorities. Let us know if you need more help researching for answers.

Best of luck!

I got a lawyer from my disability and everything went faster and I got SSDI And it didn’t cost me a thing


That’s great, thanks for sharing,

How does someone go about finding a lawyer for the disability case?

How much did it cost? Did you pay up front or after your won your disability case?

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Well i actually need a lawyer for my ssi case its been so hard for me to find a lawyer to get on SSDI but i would live assistance

I meant to say love* assistance