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I’m a 57 yr old single female barely surviving on a fixed income from SSI. I’m mentally & physically disabled. I live in a rundown out of date motorhome. It has no proper septic. How can I apply for Emergency Hud Housing Assistance?

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My name is Branden and I’m despertly looking for any help i can get cause I’m struggling super bad and not just for my self. I am currently 41 yr old guy and in early June 2022, 8 family members were Killed in an accident with a metro city bus and now i have 8 other peoples lives on top of my own life. shortly after that day i started loosing belongings like homes and cars and stuff cause I am literally alone I haven’t fully paid for well i’m not even close to finished paying off any sort of bills and the funeral cost alone put me right under and i lost everything and became homeless ii haven’t made a dent and my resources have been limited tooo public everything and yes i have been to like 4 shelters i believe that im allowed to seek shelter at here in Minnesota but every time and im not kidding all my belongings were taken and i was literally left with what was on my back! I can handle more stress like that on top of what i’m already going through and I still havent reallly had a chance to grieve or hit something so hard so it hurts as bad as i do , so please and Thank you any type of help recomendations anything i will take because right now anything has to be better than where im aTt now…
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I’m 23 I’m homeless and sick with Seziures really bad And I have my lil sister and newph since my mom kicked us out I need help

Its not easy at all. What do you want me to say? I need rental assistance. Is that what this site is for.