Elderly need help!

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My husband is 60 and iam 65
We are sleeping on a friends couch. We get the feeling they want us out. We need help now. Ive done sec 8 rapid housing hud allthat there was

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Hello, I am elderly, disabled and my Caregiver is my sister. She is also disabled. She works two jobs as well as taking care of me. I am Autistic, have many urgent medical issues, as does sister, have applied several times to Housing Authority, with no reply . Ever. I am a retired Firefighter and was in jured on job. We are at each other’s feet, due to the smallest, rat infested, mold and a wood stove that the glass blew out of. We would like to move back to Tahoe City, Ca. or to our parents in Utah. We are Christian, yet raised strictly in the Mormon church. What to do?

Albuquerque New Mexico Hi I’m 63 and homeless I’m sleeping in my car can I get emergency housing thank you.

I am a senior disabled with lot of health issues I am trying to find emergency housing for studio at this point I don’t care I’ve applied to many different housing authorities in Connecticut I had section 8 I lost it December 13th back of 2022 I went to pick up my paperwork that was transferred from New Jersey to West Haven Connecticut the workers I called the ambulance for me that morning I ended up in there on New Haven hospital the next day I called it till then an extension on my voucher because I was going in for a second heart surgery that afternoon and what she did she close my section 8 she lied send my paperwork back to New Jersey closed with a old expired voucher her life was that the reason she closed my section 8 because I was evicted for non-payment rent which is a lie because I never got to rent apartment in Connecticut I never was evicted at all my rent was always paid on time the end of every month I paid the following months rent portion I tried fighting for that but I lost my section 8 due to her lies I don’t know what else to do I’m about to be a victim and put out into the street I’m sleeping and illegal room in the basement my daughter went to the first floor I cannot stay with her because she does not have the room her landlord found out and he told her I have to get out I’ve tried every agency to see if they could give me a voucher for a hotel or a motel room I do have a cat she’s my emotional support pack and everybody in Connecticut is been giving me the runaround I need to find out where can I go that they could help me out because I need to either be relocated out of Connecticut or put in to a hotel I cannot go into a shelter because of my heart condition and my other health issues due to my immune system so please I need somebody to reach out to me and direct me in the right direction thank you I am 63 years old and my only income is SSI disability