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Im a 65yrs old living in my car i have told all the housing places i have an income i just need help getting started i had to leave i was being abused


Me and my children are homeless as of today and have no where to go or money to stay anywhere. I have been trying to reach out to all the agencies possible looking for help and have turned in applications for section 8 but they do not have emergency housing. I have been trying to get something done about this landlord that has been harassing me and committing fraud and refused to allow us to rent even if we paid rent, and the judge allowed this knowing I am disabled with severe mental illness with chronic medical conditions and have nowhere to go with my children and no money to stay anywhere. I am now sleeping in my car with my son and I still cannot get help.


Ive been homeless going on 2 yrs now living in my truck since ventura police took my rv and wanted a crazy fee i couldnt afford now im in my truck as they lick their fingers thinking when they will steal my truck now! Im a single white male age 48 whos still waiting for these white prevledges im supposed to be getting. What a joke .


My name is Sam and im homeless with a service dog. I dont have a place to stay and living on the street’s. I get one check a month for disability and its not enough to live on or down payment for a place to live. I have limited walking capabilities. I need help immediately. I live in Alvarado Texas (Johnson County)

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How do I qualify for emergency housing I’m in need of a place I have 2 kids been staying in a expensive intown hotel with my mom and other siblings it’s costing us a lot and I’m helping as well I only have 1 source of income for one of my kids.


I and my wife are in need of emergency housing, we have been homeless for about 10 yrs. Currently we are in a shelter (Tiny Homes) where they are supposed to help. However, we we’re offered a room in a shared living home. After refusing, desiring a home for ourselves where our children can visit. We where reminded that our income is low because there is no voucher and were given 30 days or get out of the shelter and back to the street. Where and how could I apply for a voucher / emergency housing?

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Same boat someone please direct me in right place

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We are homeless staying in a vehicle my dad threw us out and fema told us we had to get out of the fema trailer because my dad called fema and told them to get it off his property so fema had the trailer moved off his property so we have anywhere to go so we have been living in the vehicle. I have called and emailed every assistance program and they don’t even give me a call or response back. My boyfriend has had open heart surgery and he has applied for his disability and got denied. I am blind in my left eye and diabetes and 3rd stage kidney disease and failure. I have been praying and praying and asking for prayers for my boyfriend and I have been waiting to receive any information about where we will find out if we can get anything done about our situation. I just got out of the hospital two days ago I have had a nervous breakdown and I fell recently and bruised my back and ribs really badly. So I have tried to call Salvation Army and American Red Cross and they said they could not help us. So I don’t know anything we can do about it so we will live in a vehicle. We have called everyone we know and they told us that they would not be able to help us

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Iam 34 wit a 6 year old son i been homeless for a year now iam trying to get section 8

I’m a 59; year old man worked 42 years in the Oil and Gas industry as well as the Power and Energy Industry I have been out of work now for 14 months due to Lumbar Spine Fracture and Crushed Vertebrae then Three Herniated Disc in the Cervical Spine the I need a Tripple Disc Fusion but the Upper and Lower GI Tract issues have been the worst and still dealing with the problems today. I have been homeless 6 different times I sold my car to a dealership because it was paid off but had to purchase another car so I used half my cash for the vehicle and the other half for hotel room which I have about 10 days left here then I am back on the street. I have paid in to everything with my weekly payroll checks for 42/years I am getting desperate at this time and asking you for housing assistance as quickly as possible that you are able to set me up with vouchers or rental assistance I can’t be homeless with my medical conditions it impacts my health and wellbeing in the worst possible way with having no men’s room or a bed to sleep in.

I have tried everything and called everyone in numerous county’s. Church’s, red cross, St Vincent’s all rental assistance companies volunteer companies non-profits I’ve been on the waiting list for 4 years I’m disabled and my father who is 74 and disabled is also with me due to our landlord sign our home of 13 years no one and I mean no one will help us

I have a spinal fusion as well I can barely walk and they don’t seem to care

Good Day. My name is Kellie and i seriously need your help or at least a point in the right direction for me and my family.

In 2019 we became homeless after the death of my mother in law. We started working with Sacramento Steps Forward and did everything they wanted. When the Pandemic hit we were fortunate to be placed in a motel for our safety for the duration and we were told we would get permanent housing as the next step. We complied with everything for over 2 years. No problems and no violations. We worked with i believe 4 housing navigators and they would each leave the job and we would start over with a new one. After the 4th navigator left we never heard from anyone. Frustrated, i called 211 and was told that yes we were in the CoC with approval of PSH for 2 years and that we did have a navigator. He told me it was someone that we never met andhe didn’t have a number. I gave all the info to the manager of the program at the hotel and was told, 'great, we will get this handeld for you." The hotel finally did move us over to a program still run by STEPs while they figured it out. Fast forward 18 months and still nothing. We have been trying to pay full rent, where everyone else here is on a voucher. That part is very hard because im diaabled recieving SSDI and my spouse is my care giver. We are about to be evicted with no insight on what to do next. I called 211 again and was told exactly ver batim what i heard from them 18 months ago.

Please note i am not blaming anyone for our situation. I understand people leave jobs and life happens. I would also note that we are truly grateful for everything these agencies provided and did for us. So now what? HELP PLEASE!

Hello my name is Ruthie I’m homeless because some took all my information and mess my credit up really bad I’m a victim of identity theft but I had my own apartment for 18 years until my mom got very sick so I was relocating to be close to her to help her but i tranfer my section 8 to Los Angeles county from the city of LA but whe I stated to look for a apartment that’s when they told me about my credit was bad and they will not accept me so now that’s more bad news and I told my mom what was going on and she told me I can stay with her so that was really great and my mom passaway and now it’s got really bad I list my mom I lost my voucher and now I’m living in my car and thank god I had a car but it’s getting really bad again people don’t care anymore but I understand but when are they really going to help us because I haven’t even got a hotel voucher got a hotel voucher notting but the people who did get them did not need them because all they did was doing drugs and having a bunch of people running in and ont and i call for a motel voucher they alwasy say there isn’t any more try back Tomarrow and that went on til they don’t give them out anymore im 58 years old I’m by myself in my car it’s hard because you can’t fine no restroom at late nights because they are close and then you can’t wash up because someone mess the restroom up so they close it and I fell that’s very unfair and I see a lot of apartments that they are bluilding but not for the homes and that’s what try are trying to do any way is to keep us in the streets and this is why it’s so many people are airugs and a lot of woman are getting rape and then they commit killing there self because thy no that people let us don’t let them down not helping and that’s why it crime because people let them down they give us food stamps then take them back and give us 23.00 what is that going to do nott

Im homeless and need emergency housing

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What city are you in

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I am an immigrant and I was married to an American citizen where I became a victim of violence on August 21, 2023. I had to leave his house together with my 14 year old son. Today I am in the shelter with several health problems and in need of help As I am not a citizen nor a permanent resident I do not qualify for anything, what can I do to avoid living on the street?

I am 36 years old and in need of housing for me and my significant other he is 60 years old born in the year of 1963. Please let me know if there is anything available thank you. My name is Maria by the way and I stay in Merced California.