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This Section will discuss the housing opportunities for people in urgent housing emergencies. We will discuss how to apply and qualify for a variety of emergency rental assistance programs.

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  • This category is to provide resource to people who need rental assistance immediately.

  • Discuss city, county, state and federal emergency rental aid programs .

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Im a 65yrs old living in my car i have told all the housing places i have an income i just need help getting started i had to leave i was being abused

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Me and my children are homeless as of today and have no where to go or money to stay anywhere. I have been trying to reach out to all the agencies possible looking for help and have turned in applications for section 8 but they do not have emergency housing. I have been trying to get something done about this landlord that has been harassing me and committing fraud and refused to allow us to rent even if we paid rent, and the judge allowed this knowing I am disabled with severe mental illness with chronic medical conditions and have nowhere to go with my children and no money to stay anywhere. I am now sleeping in my car with my son and I still cannot get help.


Ive been homeless going on 2 yrs now living in my truck since ventura police took my rv and wanted a crazy fee i couldnt afford now im in my truck as they lick their fingers thinking when they will steal my truck now! Im a single white male age 48 whos still waiting for these white prevledges im supposed to be getting. What a joke .

My name is Sam and im homeless with a service dog. I dont have a place to stay and living on the street’s. I get one check a month for disability and its not enough to live on or down payment for a place to live. I have limited walking capabilities. I need help immediately. I live in Alvarado Texas (Johnson County)

How do I qualify for emergency housing I’m in need of a place I have 2 kids been staying in a expensive intown hotel with my mom and other siblings it’s costing us a lot and I’m helping as well I only have 1 source of income for one of my kids.


I and my wife are in need of emergency housing, we have been homeless for about 10 yrs. Currently we are in a shelter (Tiny Homes) where they are supposed to help. However, we we’re offered a room in a shared living home. After refusing, desiring a home for ourselves where our children can visit. We where reminded that our income is low because there is no voucher and were given 30 days or get out of the shelter and back to the street. Where and how could I apply for a voucher / emergency housing?

Same boat someone please direct me in right place