Rapid Rehousing

i’ve been approved for rapid rehousing for months but no one will help me with anything my daughter a c i are literally sleeping under a bridge please help us and contact me?


Hi Shay,

Thank you so much for commenting. We have sympathy for your situation. It’s frustrating to be approved and have the hope for a better situation, only to have get stuck moving forward. But applaud yourself for leaving this comment and not giving up!

Rapid rehousing is a CoC Program – Run through non-profit organizations but are funded by HUD

What exactly do you need help with? Did you get any instructions when getting the approval message? You should have been working with a local non profit housing agency.

Which government agency approved you or was it a local charity or non profit? Are you directly contacting the local agency that approved your rapid rehousing application? Be sure to keep your Housing Agency contact info in a safe place after applying. And make sure the Housing Agency has your most recent contact info! If a Agency reaches out to you and you do not respond generally you are removed from the waiting list and will need to reapply. For help applying to rapid rehousing, emergency section 8, public housing, assisted low income living and housing choice vouchers follow these steps or go here for more info

  1. You will need to ask your PHA about their CoC sponsored programs for homelessness and rapid rehousing. There is no where to apply directly for Rapid Re-Housing (as far as we know). You need to speak to your local Public Housing Agency or authorities about your situation to qualify.

  2. For a list a Public Housing Authorities in your area go here and select your state. You can then find the nearest office to your location.

  3. Be sure to contact your PHA about: Public Housing,
    4.Supportive Housing,* low income, Elderly, and Special Needs Housing

  • Ask about all Housing resources!
  1. Visit this article and follow the instructions to locate all housing resources in your area online!

Follow the instructions HERE

Yes I have been in contact with both places and I get nowhere. Eve. My case worker said I do qualify for an immediate voucher. I don’t know what else to do

Hi Shay<

We suggest that you ask your caseworker to follow up on your application for re housing through the COC.

We also suggest that your apply for more than one housing program. You keep trying until you get answers.

If your case worker said you qualify for a Voucher she is referring to a housing program formerly known as Section 8, aka Housing Choice Voucher. Click here to contact your nearest PHA and begin your application process by foill

Note that if you if your PHA office reached out to you at anytime and you did not respond it is likely you will need to re apply.

To apply for the housing choice voucher (HCV) (section 8) follow the instruction in this article.

  1. Speak with your nearest Public Housing Agency. ASK for a Housing Choice Voucher Application. There might be an application you can fill out online.
  2. Fill out the application with the HELP of your case worker. (she should know your situation and the housing requirements. If you are extremely low income or in a emergency you can skip the waiting list in most cases. )
  3. Stay in contact with your PHA office and respond to all communications.

Thank you for participating with us and sharing your experience! Best of luck