Application process help

I live in Ohio and I m so confused about this whole thing I’m not going to bore u w my sad story I will just say my elderly sick mother is paying my rent and supporting my son and I ! I’m on disability and qualify for services but I don’t know how to do this !! Is there anyone out there that helps people navigate thru process I tried applying and don’t even know if I’m on list and the office keeps saying I have an account and to check waitlist but when I do it says “no application” what do I do is anyone out there to help me ?

Hi Molly,

I get that the application process is tough. Here’s some info that might help.

You could try reaching out to your local Public Housing Authority (PHA). They can explain things and help with your application. To get their contact, just call 1-800-955-2232.

HUD also has options for low-income housing. You can talk about these with your local housing authority. Plus, you can find all the affordable housing in your area using HUD’s online map. Just pop in your city or zip code and get in touch with the nearest housing authority.

And a quick reminder - it’s best not to share your personal info on public forums. Hope this info helps you with the application. Good luck in finding a nice, safe place to live!

Take care.
AHH Family