How can I apply for low income housing assistance with no waiting list

I was just wondering how I can apply for low income housing with no waiting list cause I really need to move out of where I am at


Im a 60 year old lady whose disabled and only income is ssi im need help finding low income housing im homelessi stay at my ex brother inlaws house i need to be out by may 31st 2023 im very scared that i might have to live on the street hopefully u can help with a voucher to help with rent and utilities

Hi I been homeless for 6 months with my elderly mom and son.i have reached out everywhere get help with low income housing or section 8…it’s impossible get in anywhere times sure have there any help for people…I been trying get in low income housing… anything will help :sleepy: not sure if posting this properly.

Hello I was wondering how to apply to low income housing or housing assistance. You may call me at … or email .

How can I apply for housing that has no waiting list

My name is Linda

Cox I have to use Oygen machine and also two machines at night I’ll sleep also I am in a wheelchair I got ran over by a school bus broke my hip wrote my knee I cannot ever walk again just a little bit and I need I get SSI disability and I don’t have that much money to pay rent I only get 914