Yes name is Julius E. Ali EL I've been homeless and had covid in Fargo I found a job and had a sickness in my family that I had to go and attend to which left me now homeless after I had an apartment can you please help

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Hi Julius, Thank you for taking the time to join our forum and share your situation. We enjoy seeing your smiling face:)
Sorry to hear that you were ill and that your family has been under strain. I am sure that they were happy to have your support, so good for you for being there for them. Hopefully we can help you, we sure will try.

Just to note, we research and share our knowledge based on our own experience and what has helped others. Finding assistance will come down to you being persistent with your local Public housing authorities. You will need to qualify for housing program by meeting the requirements of the program, filling your application out correctly and follow up on your waiting list status.

Here’s an article that will help you locate HUD (government sponsored, state ran) Affordable Housing Programs like public housing and Housing Choice Vouchers aka Section 8. You can also apply for more than one rental assistance program at a time. We advise this unless your PHA opposes it.

Start by contacting your local Public Housing Agency, use the map HERE, select your state and find the contact info to the area nearest to where you will be living.

Based on your situation It seems possible that you would qualify for low income housing. But please note. Section 8 and public housing are know to have longer wait times.

We think it would benefit you to apply for multiple rental assistance programs
We think you would benefit from reading this article about EMERGENCY HOUSING and RAPID REHOUSING. If you apply, qualify and are approved you could be in a clean and safe home within 30 days, certainly much faster than Section 8.

If you are homeless then you should be able to find help with housing through the COC or a local non profit.

Don’t post you info publicly but you mentioned Fargo, follow this link for Housing Authorities in North Dakota, contact the one nearest to you and ask about rental assistance programs. You maybe able to find more info online. Housing Authorities: North Dakota - HUD | / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

You could also try a google search for affordable housing non profits in North Dakota.

We hope this helps, keep us posted on your progress. We are here to help you make progress and get answers.

All the best Julius!