Homeless need assistance

I’m going to be homeless soon, I’m on SSDI and still can’t get any help!!! Please I’m in dire need of a 1 bedroom apartment

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We are sorry to hear this and we hope we can help.

Have you contacted the Public housing and all housing authorities for low im come housing in your area?

Have you reached out to any non profits in your area?

Have you contacted the coc in your area? The goal of the COC is to use housing and other funded resources to rapidly employ housing to people facing homelessness.

If you respond with the area you are looking for housing in. We can help research your area for resources.

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I’m staying with my sister, daughter and a friend. I was sent a application back in 2021 from CMHA, saying that i was to get my voucher, so I came to Columbus, but never recieved my voucher,then they close down and now still waiting. tired of living place to place ,I’m recieving SSi and it’s so hard to get a place with my income alone.

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Anthony P. here from Bamberg SC and I’m staying with a family member at this point pending disability case 39 years of age black male from Bamberg SC 29003 i need a place asap to live in mental health patient bipolar anxiety and PTSD

Okay i am staying. In my aunts garage she is getting ready to move to texas and get married i have to stay in oklahoma city oklahoma i have five kids here that i dont want to leave here so i just wanna be dad the best i can but it aint working so well right now i need my own place not a garage this is all happening very soon ? I have no vehicle or way to get around right now which i will need as well but ? A place where i can live and kids can be there if they need and want ? I dont no what i need to do next ? I was staying in salvation army homeless shelter ? I had a bad bad car wreck last year driving a drunk person home spent most last year in ou medical center ? Filed ssi disability court hearing is july 19th ? Havent worked or been able to since 2017 ?