Affordable housing

We are excellent renters and would just like to be given the opportunity to off our excellent rental skills. We have been trying to find housing for a long. We are desperately searching everyday for a family of three including our young daughter. We have not had any success finding housing in this county at all. It is very heartbreaking to see my daughters disappointed face everyday that we dont find housing. I honestly dont know what to do at this point. We need a 2bdrm house and are not picky at all. We are happy to help out with the property or whatever it takes to get selected for a rental. We are very clean low key respectful people who are honest and pray that God will soon answer our prayers to finding a suitable house for the three of us. We have 2 service dogs small trained in German and sign language. We are a wonderful respectful dependable punctual family in desparate need to get out of our car and into a house to rent. Our credit and rental history is good yet we cant qualify for many places because our income is not enough being on disabilty and social services. Please help us if you are able to. My health condition is geþing worse living in our car. We will treat your home as if it were our very own and just need a chance to prove it. My daughter will be taken from us if we do not find suitable housing by next month. I cant imagine being without her. My husband and and I do our very best to take cate of our rentals with deep respect for the owner and neighbors. We need a 2bdrm as soon as possible since our car is not running after it was retrieved by the police department because it was stolen by gunpoint and on a high speed getaway. They left our car in such a terrible beat up state that we have to put it in the shop to have it fixed. Now we are back in the hotel by the grace of God and hope that we find a rental fast before it is too late for us. I truly have so much respect for the real homeless people out here struggling I understand you can relate. I will always help out the homeless from now on because I truly can relate to their stories and want to help them as well. I pray for our family and them everyday hoping they receive help as well. Sorry this is long but thank you for taking the te to read this and hopefully pass on the word so we can get off the streets before the next huge flood and storm comes.

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Hi Natalie!

We understand that finding a suitable housing solution for your family is a top priority and we would like to help in any way we can. Could you please let us know your location so that we can provide you with relevant resources and information?

Please know that we are here to support you and your family during this difficult time.

Best regards,
Ahh Family

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My name is Valerie A H , currently live in Dale county with my Twin grandchildren that I have legal custody of since birth 2010

I’m 62 and I’m disabled since 2009 I’m on SSI & TANF & FS &;in May $145 retirement benefits start

I have to move from the trailer we are in we been here 7 years but they are selling property

Midland city

How do I sign up apply for section 8 vouchers or low rent

Thank you