Emergency housing / section 8

HI me and my boyfriend are homeless and we have no were to go and I’m talking some mental pills for my iuess tha’s why we need a house please and thank you .

,y name is Dennis. I’m really becoming annoyed because of my current housing situation. I’ve lost everything due to homelessness and I’m getting tired of trying. I want to give up. I qualify for the EHV Voucher but the place that can put in doesn’t know how. What should>do

I’m in the same situation I live in Hopkinsville ky and I’m in the same exact situation myfriend

Hi im having a hard time to and me and my boyfriend can’t find a place

Im currently living with my parents & I’ve always been the black sheep of the family. I was treated so horribly as a child it’s unreal. So i made a promise to myself that if i have children I’ll never do them like they did me. Their trying their best to turn my children against me now. OVER MY DEAD BODY. SO BEFORE I DO SOMETHING I’LL REGRET & NEVER SEE MY CHILDREN AGAIN I SACRIFICE LETTING MY KIDS STAY WITH & I SLEEP ANYWHERE. I’M NOT HERE FOR A PITTY PARTY I JUST NEED A HOME SO MY CHILDREN WILL BE WITH ME(THEIR LOVING MOTHER) IT’S SAD THE WAY MY FAMILY TREATS ME​:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:

I need some help because it is really hard for me to find a place for me and my family