I Am Homeless currently in a Family Shelter

I am a mother of 3 soon to be 4 I need my help please help me . I have 2 daughters 10 year old, a 1 year old , and my 2 year old Son. I been living with families and one day decided to put my family and I in a shelter for help… i don’t know how to apply for section 8 that’s I what I been wanting to do so I can better situate my family. Please if there is any way anyone can help with my voucher to get one i am all for it. I wanna be able to live and have my kids be happy in their own place. So please help me I am desperate a mother to a mother :pensive::pray: thank you!

I’m a young lady with 3girls and I have section 8 voucher and I can’t find anything because of my credit and my last extension is up on 3/20/23 I need help in finding me something ASAP I live in a shelter please I need help