Plz help me and my son

  1. why doezs the subject on the email says APPLY HERE FOR EHV. then when clicked its just a stupid guide of the same general basic? aka scammed. My kid and I NEED to be out at the end of this month. I don’t have any funds or any one to stay with. It’s only me and my son. Please help. I DON’T WANT US TO BE IN THE STREET OR A SHELTER. My kid is 18. We would have to be seperate, He in a men shelter and me a woman shelter. We are all that we got. I have been so scared and worried. I have strong faith in the Lord and have been crying and praying… it seems like no one even cares not even God.
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Hang in there, my wife and I have spent everything we had on hotel’s, and food, and tomorrow we will be on the streets. So I can appreciate your fear, we are 60/62 years old, but don’t stop praying, or lose faith in God, he won’t abandon you, and your son.