Emergency house

How do I get started with my application and getting on a list


Hello, my name is Caitlin and I live in Campbell… I’m fighting for custody of my daughter and she lives with her dad and the only reason why she’s not in my custody care is because we both do not have a room here cause their all are taken up by my brothers and parents and my grandma is about to kick us out because it’s becoming too crowded here so I need a place for me and my 6 year old daughter so how do I go about with applying for emergency housing?

I’m struggling to get application status can’t single mother with 2 children 6yr old and 1yr old currently living with my niece and nephew needing to get our own place asap

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My name Monchenea R. am 49years old single i cant fine a apartment with the income i have

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I dont have a voucher or low income or section 8 i need help i have in to june 15 to leave my apartment or i become homeless

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I need a place to stay. I’m 69 yrs old. We were removed from our house in2022 of September my mother who has passed in December 0f 2022 she was 90yrs of age. Me and my son who is my care taker. Needs to find a place to stay it’s not enough room where we are now.

hi i am 65 i have a lot of health problems i am very low income and i have been sleeping on my bothers couch for the past year and he is trying to sell his house so i have to be out in a month I only get $ 1100.00 a month its not enough to pay rent and have money to pay bills and live on

I am sick as a dog. Living on river. I can’t get anything together

Am 49years old i lost my apartment in june 2023 my loanlord told me i could keep my place where i lived for 7 years but it was affordable housing now am homeless and i cant work i got sick had 3 surgery seen 2019 if i cant work i cant have a place to live just look for help to help me