Emergency housing voucher

Hello I really need an emergency housing voucher… I’m living in a motel with my kids one that is special needs. Please help me


hi.i need to correct this asap!!! my affordable house heroes page somehow got stuck over here on my mothers phone.i might have sent it to her to prove im trying.i need voucher.i neèd to move not this addrress xxxxx no no no !!! send only to contact me to fix this im missing messages and getting threatened to be taken off the list

I am currently homeless and I really need a place to stay I’m looking for emergency move in low

I’m in desperate need of rental assistance or a voucher or some type of low income system

I need emergency housing voucher and I live in San Diego ca.

I’m 24 in homeless need someone to help

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my name is kirkdelaney miller in need of emergency vourches for housing purpose it have been updated if anyone get caught sleeping on the street will be fine or imprisonment if event they happen done anything wrong they going to jail or prison for nothing. i’am legally married and it not right how shelter are trying to split up married couple and that is against law to seperated married when you supposed have family shelter for them to stay together
I am mentality handicapp and NEED emergency housing

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My name is Clifton Jones here and I’m homeless need a place to stay in a tent and I’m interested in voucher for a apartment it’s. Cold and I’m interested in a place to go permenantly and without benefit it’s harder to stay anywhere imin stockton cai tried to rent at Madison archers and ni application fee how to get it done before I stay in.

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