Emergency Housing Vouchers

I’m really confused! I’m a 54 year old disabled woman living on a disability check that is in Desperate need of housing. I contacted my Local PHA who told me that he could not help me because there was a waiting list that hasn’t been opened since 2016!! No help at all!! I did further research and discover these “Emergency Housing Vouchers”!! Exactly what I need and I will qualify for!! I call the PHA back and when I am FINALLY able to speak to him again he tells me he not only doesn’t have them. He never has ever had them and won’t be getting them!! This was the total extent of help I received from my PHA!! I don’t understand why my Parish hasn’t been able to help ANYONE SINCE 2016!!! Why would we not receive ANY VOUCHERS AT ALL!??? I just don’t understand this at all??? So people like me and others are just not entitled or able to receive any help whatsoever from HUD?? Please somebody explain to me what is going on and where we are supposed to go when we are in need like the rest of the world?? PLEASE!!!


I am looking for descent housing here that is affordable. My apartment is upstairs and the steps are dangerous and the rails are rusted and :fallen_leaf: by off and the floor in front of my door has planks underneath it. I have mold in my bathroom and the ceiling in my kitchen is falling down. I am on disability for seizures and passing out from low blood pressure and now a heart issue. I pay 600 a month for this and it is unsuitable . I feel run down tired and sick alot don’t know if it is my health or the apartment. Can’t find help here and won’t no one talk to me because of who my landlord is. I am in desperate need of good affordable housing that is safe . I live in Glasgow Kentucky. Please someone help me


I’m am facing the street if I don’t get my and my son who has mental health issues and problems and I’m trying to get help and they approved me for something and I’m trying to get help from the right person so I can get somewhere stable for myself and my son before the cold weather

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