PHA closed for fraud and I can't get any help

Hi I’m new here and I am in Slidell la and I am disabled and my 74 year old father who I take care of is with me. I have been on the section 8 list for 4 years now and my PHA was just taken over by HUD for fraudulent activity. Anyway we are homeless and in need of a voucher and I can not find anyone to give me any information. I’m in desperate need of surgery and no one will help me.

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We are sorry to hear this. Thank you for bringing it to this communities attention.

I can research the area you are needing housing in for HUD programs and for non profits, rapid housing for homeless etc.

Try googling “local housing assistance for homeless”

That should pull up some local info of PHA offices and COC sponsored non profits organizations.

This article helps explains how to find all housing assistance nearest to your location. here

Thank you so much for responding. I have been through hell with The situation my father and I lived in a home for 13 years and our landlord decided to sell it and just threw us out basically we are staying at a friend’s house but can’t stay much longer I have been on the waiting list for Slidell housing authority and they were given vouchers to their friends and their families so I don’t even know if I’m even on the list and no one will seem to give me any information I’ve called HUD I’ve called New Orleans PHA and they just are rude and say they have nothing to do with Slidell so I am at a loss we’re both disabled and we are indeed of help

I feel you . Ive been Homeless with my partner and our two children living out of our vehicle because we were Wrongfully Evicted from Public Housing In California . My Local PHA have committed Fraud as well and broke many Laws and still they got away with it and won their case against me . I lives in my apartment for 7 years always on time with my bills . It’s ridiculous and now they are saying I owe $10,659 for “Move out Charges” and they took my deposit . It’s been a year since my Eviction and I’m looking for Housing everyday all day . So many sleepless nights . Where I’m from their has been 10 Homeless deaths this year it’s crazy out here things need to change . Sorry for the rant I was just reading what you wrote and it reminded me kind of my situation somewhat similiar .

You need to check your emails and mail for a response to your application.
If you applied through the Housing Authority then will be in contact with you. You should get confirmation that you were on the waiting list. It may take a month of more.

  1. check your emails for emails from Housing Authority City of Slidell.
  2. Currently their waiting list is closed but when they re open they will post a notice on their website.
  3. the only way to apply will be online electronically. This will be the case with most benefit programs sooner than later.

recommend checking the following websites for information on low-income housing options and assistance programs:

These articles will provide information on low-income housing options, HUD programs for disabled individuals, and housing assistance for seniors. Hopefully, you can find some useful information here that can help you/
All the best wishes.

find housing resources in Slidell united states city

You can try contacting the following organizations for more information on housing resources in Slidell:

  • St. Tammany Parish Housing Authority
  • Louisiana Housing Corporation
  • Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West

You can also try reaching out to the United Way of Southeast Louisiana by dialing 211 on your phone or visiting their website at for information on additional resources.

I hope this helps!

P.s from Sidel PHA site:
“Currently the waiting list is closed until further notice. When the waiting list is opened again, the notice will be published on our website and there will be a new process which will be described online. HACS will only be taking applications electronically. That will be the only means of submitting applications. SHA does have a working local preference policy; as well as giving a preference to Slidell residents. That is, priority is given to heads of household, who are working and families that reside in Slidell upon making application. The only families exempt from these approved preferences are elderly and disabled. This does not prevent other families from applying; it simply means that the preference families, elderly and disabled will be processed as a priority.”

I am disabled and a slidell resident. Idk what else to do

I have tried absolutely everything. I keep up with the waiting list I keep my information current. I’m on several different waiting list. I just don’t know what to do anymore. No one has emergency vouchers and to top it off I called Friday and this woman tells me I just applied in 2023. Wtf? I have proof I applied in 2018

I have been checking my email for 4 years and NOTHING. IVE emailed my worker over the site and no response. Why is this taking so long? I’m not ignorant I know the process but it’s been literally 4 years. And I’m seeing all this so called help and I can’t even get anyone on the phone

Isn’t it amazing how these housing authorities get away with anything like my housing authority were giving vouchers to the family and friends and leaving people on the street they keep telling me there’s help out there but where cuz I can’t seem to find it either

Oh don’t you think I haven’t tried that I’ve been up there personally numerous times I’ve called baton rouge who’s not even my area I’ve called out of state places I have done everything I could possibly do and no one and I mean no one will help I’m not dumb I’m very educated and I know something is not right with this system

I have checked my emails and I have emailed everyone my PHA refuses to help me because I guess I aggravated him checking on my application and emergency vouchers I always basically told I would never get housing and he basically screamed at me and everyone keeps saying I need to get in touch with my PHA but what do you do when they refuse to help you