Where is all the funding for housing if everyone says they have none gone?

Housing Heros Needed in St Louis

211 is a joke as many times as I've called to be told another number to call or to say there's nothing available to call back is appauling to me. Id like to know we're the billions of dollars for housing people has really gone. 

My boyfriend and care taker is a vet of this country and even their crisis line provided no help at all because unless we said we wanted to hurt ourselves it wasn’t a crisis for them,. Thank you for lending an ear but I’m pretty sure if we could call them we could call 911 for ourselves as well. On the government site for the VA it clearly states House First give choice later on any other assistance we may need. So why is it we are being made to jump through hoops and over hurdles in order to receive any help. NEWS FLASH we are homeless we have no car and I’m newly disabled so getting around to the close offices is impossible. I’m wondering can I do something about false advertising at this point. Breaking News you can’t give me a number I haven’t already called 100 times already myself just for no one to answer or to be given another number to call. Even more disappointing getting turned down for disability when I’m clearly physically and have a mental health disability. Child support I filed in 2017 how is it you threatened to cut my food stamps off of I do y show up to office that I’ve already been to 3 times and here it is her father has now been deceased almost a year but no back pay because now you can’t bring him to court . Maybe had I had the Finacial support when I first filed for it I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in now. Surviving off survival benefits once a month clearly is not enough nor does it show 3 times the rent. Not enough debt to get debt relief program and yet the state says I owe 10000 in unemployment I e never even seen. All of this after 2 car accidents spine surgery and having my house stolen after a year in a half of police harassment I have up and sold but not before 3 people Illeegally put their names on my deed making split the little money I got now gone trying to find a new place but my credit isn’t good enough. I’m about to go crazy for real better yet I’m thinking I’ll call FOX 2 for help because if I can’t get what is called an emergency housing voucher for my family in the next week I’ll need to take even more action because the government thinks I don’t know that money their so called helping us with is actually money I’m already entitled to and is mine in the first place. Anyone know what that red number is on back of your social security card is? Well I do and I’m about to raise a desperate mother’s hell if I can’t get help or I’m entitled to asap. Do your research people is all I can say and it’s only as big of an issue as we make it to be. Changes are needed and fast people in state office barley answer a phone these days I have 3 kids I need out of states custody for a vet father but without a home they stay separated from each other and their dad simply because we can’t get a home cal;ed emergency housing voucher there is no bigger crisis to me this vet who served our country and was honorably discharged deserves if nothing else a home and to have his kids period so I need 3 things to happen asap

  1. I need a probono lawyer because I’m already broke and homeless to assist me with getting disability and getting these kids back
    2.i need housing to give me a damn voucher Tuesday morning
  2. A broker because I need someone who can make the transaction of my little red numbers on , y ss card that the government won’t tell you about.

Please if you are anyone that has a heart and wants to help by all means reach out to me immediately and may God bless all and any who do and or took time to read this [post I appreciate you and I will continue to pray for all else who are in similar situations out here don’t give up people make some noise with me now enough is enough I need a home not another number, to call!!

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