Why is it so hard for emergency housing

Emergency Housing Needed for Family of a Vet

I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to find emergency housing for families. My family has been in search of a home for 2 years now as we’ve been struggling to keep a roof and stay together as being homeless is not only stressful it’s exhausting. Seems to be impossible at times and receiving help isnt as easy as they make it seem to be at all.

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Many blessings.i agree,but we will get there

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The house me and. My family have been in since April was condemned and now is being sold from up under us we have to be out on 23rd with no where to go what is an emergency housing voucher ive called 211 and all they say is nothing in the area and give another number to call od like to know where all the funding is going im newly disabled my boyfriend a vet my daughter in high school and has a job like we’re a whole family with less then 10 days to find a place or were put in the cold I love off one check while I try getting disability I mean getting these people to answer their phones and do their jobs is almost impossible,. Please if anyone in St Louis county can help us please reach out to me immediately

I agree with you 100%. The only answers I get are phone numbers to someone else to deal with which usually are no linger in-service. Or, im sorry we ran out of funding sorry, good luck to ya! Not to mention being in this position because i was done being abused.

I completely agree with you. My son and I were literally homeless the begining of the pandemic. We we’re living at John Galvin park in Ontario CA. My son was 15yrs old at the time. And living at the park especially during the pandemic is no place for a kid to be living but I had no where for us to go. Well today we are living in a trailer in a trailer park in Daggett CA which is 7 miles from Barstow. We’ve been living here since 2/10/2021. Thanks to a friend of mine who helped us. No help at all from any of the government programs I had reached out to and applied for emergency housing assistance. Well long story short. We are about to be homeless once again. My son is 18yrs old now and has graduated highschool. So we are no longer eligible to receive financial assistance. My mother had been helping us by paying our rent since May 2023. But my mother passed away December 13 2023. And now I don’t know what to do. My son is trying his hardest to make money working side jobs around here in Daggett. Unfortunately there is nothing much here in Daggett we don’t have a car and public transportation doesn’t come out this far. My question is do you know of any emergency housing assistance in San Bernardino county? Even though Daggett is far it’s still considered San Bernardino county. I would appreciate any information you may be able to share with me please. Thank you my name is Desiree Ramirez.