When can we get help

I have been asking for emergency housing assistance since 2020. Actually my son and I were literally homeless living at John Galvin park in Ontario CA at the beginning of the pandemic. At the time my son was 15 yrs old. I applied for section 8 and was hoping for emergency assistance since we were homeless. And we were verified by a person from the Keys program that we were living at John Galvin park. But an agent I spoke to from section 8 told me there is no emergency assistance. Four years have passed and we are about to be homeless once again. February 10 2021 a friend of mine help us move into a trailer in Daggett CA 7 miles from Barstow CA off the 40 Fwy. But my son is 18 and graduated highschool. So we no longer get financial assistance to pay our rent. My mother has been helping us pay our rent since May 2023. Unfortunately my mother passed away December 13 2023. So now we have no one to help us. There are no job opportunities in Daggett so he works side jobs but doesn’t make enough to cover our space rent. We have no car and public transportation doesn’t come out this far. I’m blind in one eye but was denied SSDI. I’m still on the waiting list 4 yrs later and haven’t heard from section 8. I make sure to keep my section 8 application updated so I don’t get removed from the list. Does anyone know of any other way we could get emergency housing assistance. We made it alive through the pandemic Thank God. But we didn’t get any help even though we could have caught COVID and died my son was only 15 yrs old and felt like he did matter enough to be saved from the streets and put in a safe home. And now we’re about to be homeless again. There’s no help. My name is Desiree Ramirez God bless