I need help with fine section 8 housing

Hi my name is Doraine Vining and I Ned help with getting section 8 housing please can you please fine it in your hearts in helping me please thank you Ms. Doraine Vining

I’m so sorry for your unfortunate situation. I have been on the waiting list for housing assistance since 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. My son was 15yrs old at the time we became homeless living at the park in Ontario CA. Apparently if you are homeless at the time your filling out the application you are supposed to be put at the top of the waiting list. We we’re homeless during the pandemic and 4 yrs later and I still haven’t heard from section 8. And now we are about to be homeless again. I no longer get financial assistance for my son so I have no income to pay for the space rent in the trailer park we live in. My mother was helping us pay for our rent. Unfortunately my mother passed away December 13 2023. And now we have no one to help us. There isn’t any housing assistance. That’s what an agent I spoke to from section 8 told me back in 2020. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Your in my prayers I pray you get help from someone. My name is Desiree Ramirez God bless you