Section 8 emergency housing

Hi, this is farshad eisalo ,
over 16 mounth ago i approved in section 8 single family first home buyer housing program and choice voucher i cant find assistence or any help for my case procces , i am exprience homelessness and dis ability i live in street i cant find nobudy for help me for temprory housing durin my case procces i live in street whitout income whitout food whit out any safe space for sleep i have depration and anxiety i cant live in shelter whit many people to ghether i dont have regular phone my phone is over wifi … in the tow last years every day i need to come library for check my email and phone… i missed many emailes to ontime check and answer i need temprory housing 10 time ask SAHA for temprory housing and use my option at choice voucher for rental but thay said every thing closed … please please some budy help me …MY PROJECT BASE IS WHIT CHOICE VOUCHER


Hi my name is Linda Camacho I am 58 years old I am just abled my husband is 67 years old or senior citizen and disabled where we reside the landlord has given us 30 days I have applied for Section 8 in low income housing I have got nowhere he raised our rent $350 we cannot afford it due to the fact we get the lowest amount of SSI possible if somebody could please contact me at 661-445-4416 thank you very much and have a blessed day