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This thread will discuss the housing opportunities for people who are seeking to qualify for the Housing Choice Voucher program formerly know as Section 8.

  • Use this thread to discuss income requirements for low income households.
  • Discuss how to locate housing agencies that administer HCV locally.
  • Discuss how to fill out the application and apply.
    -Please refrain from sharing personal details such as phone numbers, address and emails
    -Please be polite and kind. This is a safe place for people who need help with housing.

Thanks for your time i really can use some help

I am 58 and I’ve been looking into how can I get some help with housing. I am disabled, and in need of some help with housing assistance please

I am 62 and need an apartment that better fits my situation

Our pleasure. Thanks for leaving a comment and welcome to the forum.

How can we help?

What city, state and what kind of help do you need? We will be happy to research local housing resources for you.


My name is Joyce Smith and my twins are going off to college in the fall to live in the doorms and I currently disabled my disability case is in the appeal process which and soon I will lose my cash aid and most of the food stamps would like apply for section 8 and only have a few months before I have no income but I will have help from my dad

My name is William I’m paralyzed from the waist down I really need somewhere to stay I need help with housing about you or low income I’m living with a family member right now but I really need my own space please help me thank you

My name is Lajon F and my information is the same

I’m disabled and mental illness and am trying to apply for low income or section 8 and can’t seem to get anyone to help me

I would like to fill out a voucher for section 8 or any type of Senior living voucher. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Ibr applied, can someone please tell me how will i know if i made it or not… My stability is being jeopardize, the person im renting a room from is moving soon and thats gonna leave me on the streets and i cant afford that to happen, i might be forced to move out of state . please help me. I dont want to be homeless… Im begging yall. I have a fulltime job and i pay all my bills on time.

Please help me not to be homeless… I have a short window before im out of luck…

I can use spme help wit this

I had a stroke two brain surgeries and seizures in June 2022 and have been in a nursing home since. My doctor says I am not required to be here anymore so Medicare and Medicaid will stop paying. I get $2480 a month from disability and my boyfriend of 25 yrs won’t let me go home. Please help. He has my truck and transportation only provides for dr’s.

How do I get in contact with someone to get an application started/where to locate one?

Thanks for the add! I live in Mississippi I currently live with friend recently got my disability\ssi and need an affordable apartment/voucher near the tunica Mississippi area and I have no idea what to do or where to start please help!!

My name is Olga and need help with my rent. I’m 72 years old and live alone on a fix income. This year will be hard to pay rent, when they increase my rent this year. Last year I fill out a application for section 8. I don’t know mush about section 8, because this is my first time that I apply. I hope you can help.
Thank you

Hi my name is Jesus Leon I’m 72 years old and I 'd like an affordable housing thank you for your understanding Iam under social security but I verly afford it

Yes all my information is the same

need housing for me and my dog 96 year old