Help with housing

Hello my name is Jennifer. I live in new Jersey. South Jersey that is. My significant other and I have been renting a single family home. We have been living at this place and renting for the last 12 years. In December I will be turning 50 and my significant other he will be turning 55. I live on a Disability check because of my back. My significant other isn’t working right now either. He also is having problems with his back right now. He was doing jobs here and there nothing steady but hurt his back and now he hasn’t been able to work. He doesn’t have any insurance either right now so that’s a problem too. Just in January after all they years we have been renting our place they said they wanted to raise the rent. So they raised it 100 more a month. Now 7 months later they want to raise it in January again another 200. The only reason why we stayed and rented the house we are in is because the rent was reasonable.Our landlord are slum lords that never fix anything!! Everything around us is falling apart, not to mention I’m not sure they have a C.O for us to be living here to begin with. I know if we were to go down to the township they would most likely make us leave. We are trying to find a place in ocean country nj to rent. The problem is the only income we have coming in right now is mine. We have gone through savings and racking up credit card debt just to stay afloat. We have until January 1 to find something or we can stay were we are and continue to keep paying more for a place that’s falling apart or move out. It’s really hard to find a place on a fixed income plus I have a pet too one male cat. I don’t have section 8 and the waiting lists are crazy. I’m not sure where to begin in finding low income housing. Even the ones I have called that do go by low income have waiting lists also. I’m even behind on my utilities bills as well. Things are getting really stressful and I’m not sure what else to do. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jennifer