Help with question to see if i have any chance to get help with any housing programs

Hello i live in nevada. I need information about housing im a mother of 3 kids 2 of them are minors. In school and i have one of my grand daughters living with husban pass away 2 years question is this. I need help getting any tipe of help with housing. Low income housing or any tipe of help to get a place to live now we are living in the same property for the last 7 years.this place was my dad. He pass away 5 months ago and the old owners keep the propertie. Now we had to move.i dont count with enough money for any type of down payment for rent or to buy.the important question here is the i Dont have a social security. I have only the itin number. Is any chance to qualified in any program to help me to get a place. My daughter’s born in california. They are american. My husband was born in california too. We be married for more then 10 years.never divorced. Please any information can help me to clear all this questions to get help. Thank you