Help me i am homeless and a seizure patient

I seriously need hell. I am on multiple housing wait list in nys but i cant figure out how To approve anythkng. I have a seizure disorder anda broken bavk and im on the steets sleeping under a light pole because its either that or go back to my abusive partner. I have called WISH ( Which which is supposed to help you get out of that situation) i got told sorry we cant help you … i need a safe place to call home. I dont even care what county. I dont get foodstamps because i dont have an address. And i wasnt aloud to. Even though im starving. I can gey disability because of the seizures but i have Learning reading and comprehension Issues. Is there somebody out there that can please help me.
Leslie d, its kayla m i Repeatedly repeatedly left your voicemails with ny new number and I get a letter in the mail. Sitting all this is our second attempt to try to reach you for your a preliminary.

Hi Kayla!

Thank you for reaching out to the forum for help. I’m sorry to hear about your situation and physical condition. Can you tell us more about your current status on the waitlist?

I know you need a safe place to live and don’t care which county it is in. There are organizations that might be able to help, such as Coalition for the Homeless or New York City Rescue Mission. Here are some useful links:

I hope you find the help you need. Stay strong!


Ahh Family