I need assistance asap

I need to talk to someone get help asap. Leslie Daniels. I know I’m on a bunch of waitlist for housing. My x and I got evicted from our place in Minerva. I’ve been trying to keep a roof over my head. My address has changed but I can’t seem to understand how to go about changing with everyone and my number. Leslie D if you can see this
It’s Kayla M …
I had my mom send you a fax with my new information and a copy of my id and license. I gave myself in a horrible situation and need a place to call home. I’m am epileptic, not on disability, because of the abusive ass wouldn’t take me to the appt. I wasn’t even allowed to File for food stamps. The only assistant I get is medicade. I have never got (but filed) in my life, but haven’t been able to work because of my car accident, caused by a seizure. I need help. I have a learning disability from the seizure and head trauma, that I have a hard time comprehension. I have to be told a few times to do something or I completely forgot. There is supposed to be all this support in NYS but yet ive been in this (physically) abusive relationship for over a year to keep a roof over my head. Till I could get away safely. But I’m finding myself sleeping under the street on the bench by family dollar. Scared shitless (pardon my language) because I’m 103lbs because I have severe IBS/ chrons. Think about it do you know how hard it is to have that and be homeless?.?.? Someone please I need help understanding how to get housing or section 8 or vouchers (I don’t even know anymore)
Number in paragraph
Email is
Thank you everyone