Need help with rent and housing

Good afternoon my name is Aminatta Gueye and am bout to be evict form my house and I have a 10 month old I need help with paying the rent and some boll and also help me find a low income housing right now i live… please and thank you

Hello I am a mother of and have been going through a lot just originally went through a divorce after 20 years kid’s father broke into home stole everything that we own TVs phones laptops car lost my job over this I’m not able to make it to work anymore no car. I got robbed from my bank account to $0 at this moment I need help over to assistance going back at least 4 months I’ve been struggling with bills food and rent .this man will not leave me alone. I don’t know if I will get my things back but I’m not worried about that now. I need to be saving my home would much appreciated it. if you can email me asap :pray: thank you

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I will be going to the media because it is saying you don’t want to help me because I have Medicaid. That is not right I was born with a condition that I can not help that I have and you don’t want to help me with my rent . Because of it.