Homeless domestic violence victim severe heart failure diabetes type 2 insulin, lupus

Lula Georgia homeless and need help asap with housing and utilities please continue with my reply for the current situation and I am not sure what to do. Please help me

I also am hiding from my ex-husband due to threats and sexual abuse. Health issues prevent me from working have applied for disability its at 90% and I am awaiting final decision. Told any day that I should be getting a answer.i currently have no heat no power and no running water. I am sleeping in a molded wet and leaking camper on the backside of family members land just so i feel safe. And cant be located. I have 2 service dogs registered with the state. Both under 8 pounds i am in stage 3 beginning of lupus and severe heart failure 22 percent of the right side of my heart is working the left side has no functionality. And going for kidney failure in 4 weeks.