I need help before me and my family are living without a house on the streets

Hi I’m Jessica fleeman from Bakersfield CA and I’ve been living with family and friends for years now but now I have my daughters 13,13, and 9 we are needing a house soon cause my friend that I’ve been residing with is moving away and I’m fixing to be homeless with my 3 girls and dog and I don’t know what to do I havent even got a voucher yet please help

I am about to be homeless my dad iswhere I have been ĺ am about to be homeless my dad is dieing and me and my cat live with him he is in the hospital they don’t know if he is going to come.home they don’t think he will be coming back…I am on oxygen 24/7 and I can’t live in a shelter because I need to much oxygen I can’t breathe are use the portable oxygelln I can’t be off of it to change I have to be on it all day I need a place where I can plug it in all day can you help me find place at will work with me monon my income I have some money coming in