Voucher status Georgia

How will I be contacted about my eligibilityI

How Will I Be Contacted About My Housing Choice Voucher Section 8 Program,Packet And How Can I Get Emergency Housing While I Wait For My Housing Section 8/Low Income Housing.Because My Last Applicant Tenant Rental Apartment Situaction Has Left Me In A Homeless Situaction,And It Seems That HUD,HHA,PHA&Low Income Housing Authority’s Not Doing Nothing About The Problems This Is Causing Me,It’s Ruining My Life,My Applicant Status,My Credit Report,And Civil Rights.
Should I Take A Few More Steps And Report This To The Housing Headquarters Office In Washington,DC Or Supreme Courts In Austin,Tx.
It Shouldn’t Take This Long To Get Some Help,Replaced Apartment, Or Compensation For Damages Done.

You have to stay on top of GA because here in Georgia they will tell getting Section 8 is a privilege not a right and they don’t owe you anything!! They are rude and most of them got their job thru being a long time receipent!! I’ve been paying $1800 plus utilities and I have MS and need a stent put in my artery they don’t care alot of them have family and friends they rather see get it so purposely they will say they tried to reach out to you and you didn’t return their calls!!! It’s a crooked crooked world here this by far is the worst state I’ve ever lived in!!! I suggest if you can get out of here you do because unless you come from money there’s no living comfortably here!! Only the hustlers and well off live good here and I have two little kids 1 and 5 they turned my water off last week and electric yesterday a matter of fact luckily I took out a credit card and maxed it why not living here has already destroyed my credit right smdh I’ve been here almost 5yrs it doesn’t get any better and my husband makes $24 he works no less then 60hrs a week still isn’t enough!!