What do I need to do what do I need to do

What doI need to do? I’ve been unemployed since December I just finished my unemployment in the end of May. And I have a bad sciatica but I got denied disability because I was honest and told the judge that I was the only one that drives in my family. The reason being was because my husband now my ex, it was an alcoholic and didn’t know how to drive. And my son was too young to learn how to drive. So that’s why I drove. We never had money for Uber we didn’t bother her friends for anything I’m the one who drove I was always in pain but I drove us to stores to get groceries and whatnot. So looking for a job I had to be really picky because I couldn’t stand for too long I couldn’t walk and run for too long too much no I’m getting a little better but it’s still I get pain so front desk jobs are my go-to now or at home opportunities but nothing at home opportunities have been scams and front desk jobs I go for interviews and I don’t get a call back. My son’s 18 he has ADD he doesn’t take medications I didn’t put him on meds we did everything natural oils massages and sense but not. I think he needs to get on medications now because now he’s an adult and he’s on his not on his own but he’s always going to be with me I think so. But he isn’t ready for the world. He’s so lost because it is ADD he doesn’t Focus too much. So I worry about him he’ll be fine but still I’m a mom. Now because I wasn’t working and I really couldn’t pay my rent because I told food stamps that I sometimes pay rent sometimes I don’t and so they only got $25 I’m up for food stamps which means I spent my unemployment check on food and as you know I live in the Bay Area and California is very expensive here. I know we should leave some more but my son actually works for the school district here so we can be nice to stay so he could at least you know going that career at working in the first School District San Mateo. So because I spent money on food and gas and other things and hardly paid rent and my landlord’s been very generous understanding compassionate a wonderful Christian woman and Liz basically stay here for free for many months I owe her so much back pay back rent. But she doesn’t want her money and I can’t afford it here it’s really cheap and inexpensive compared to more most places around here it’s $1,800 but I could not afford it sometimes I put 200 sometimes I put a thousand depending what I had. So now I’m getting evicted they’re very kind they let me stay as long as a kid and but yet that she wants her money so I can’t come with that because I’m still at job searching. So my son and I need a place we can’t do shelters like I said he can’t be by himself he’s 18 that means he’ll be in the men’s shelter and I’ll be in a woman’s shelter. And I don’t trust anybody and he doesn’t know how to defend himself he really doesn’t. I know he needs to learn but you know it it’s mad ugly world out there and if you have kids do you know what I mean you’d rather have your kid near you than to explore on his own especially during this times. What do I need to do to receive an emergency voucher I’ve tried the places around here that’s supposed to give help and look for motel vouchers and they don’t have them over here anymore they don’t do that anymore I went to churches for help they didn’t give me anything they just sent me to the one place that would help anybody and I’m already a member there for years I got help on rent once and they just don’t do much and then I went all over the place looking for help and I got nothing absolutely nothing and I’ve been devastated I’ve been depressed and just I think every time I want to try to start to get up I get knocked down no job no money no husband my kids 18 and and he he and I are close but he’s just not connected he needs to be with me for a while longer than I know this he says he’s never going to leave me but I want him to have a space but yet we’re together. A two bedroom would be great we are in a one bedroom I sleep in the living room which is fine if we can only get a one bedroom that’s fine I’m not complaining but it seems like we have to live in a car my car and I don’t want him to be sleeping in the car because he needs I don’t want him to worry about showers and where to lay his head you know he needs to secure place so he go to work he works at 7:00 in the morning but right now he’s on summer break but he’ll start up again school when school starts. So sorry to make this so long this is I don’t know what to do for months and months I put myself on all these waiting lists and everything and months and months I get these guides on in online and it always says you know oh you know come here and get your status on your section 8 and I pressed there and it’s a freaking guide I’ve got like 20 guides I know how it goes I know how section it works I know how hard works I used to be on it so and all these guides just are the guys tell me the same thing over and over and over again and I’m tired of these guys I’m getting people calling me hi you just sign up for the guy and I’m really I thought it was for Section 8 help. I just need help for my son and I I’m still job seeking I don’t know what’s going on I just have a dark cloud following me for the last few months to the year I need things to get better can somebody please assist us please I’m in San Mateo County I’ve been to head I’m already on a couple lists I just want to be happy