Where are the weekly hotels

to whom ever whom this concern looking for weekly hotels with kitchnettes


Hi Crump, Can you give us some info on your location? We can try research you area for housing resources you can contact.

My name is Loutinia Owens and im in Kansas city mo64131

I am in Miami Oklahoma just moved from California about 4 months ago was in a tent and then the lady let me rent a trailer for $500 a month and I did have not been able to pay the full rent this month due to the transfer from California to Miami on my disability payments is different and I have to be out of this trailer by the end of the month if not sooner so I was also asking about the hotel vouchers it’s just myself and my dog I was wondering if you found out anything about if they provide a housing vouchers

Hay I am KarenB and i know where u are coming form and it’s too much for anyone at this time but i think it will be a up side to this soon the help that is here at lest i hope because i have one more thing to do after this and with the help of you all i will be able to do it