Background checks

I recently did a background check on myself because I am looking for housing and I wanted to see what it showed. To my horror there is an alert that states this person may or may not be associated with a criminal or terrorist organization. When I recovered from the shock I felt a variety of emotions and want to know who the hell is responsible for doing that? And the terminology is nuts MAY OR MAY NOT be associated? Well my reaction to that is one better be damn sure one way or the other before you make such accusations and at the least contact the person before they go making such allegations. I also believe I know why this happened. I have a nephew who lives in another state, we are close in age and I have seen him three times over the last thirty some years. He happens to be the top dog for his areas local chapter of the Outlaw motorcycle club and has been for many years. This club is considered a criminal organization by the government. I have nothing to do with any of that, just know that it is true. So how can I go about finding out about this who put it there and that I want it removed. My god, really that’s a hell of a statement to attach to my stuff, I am 64 damn years old have never been arrested worked for a living, I love my nephew but don’t condone his choice but he is in another state no less. So what can I do to look into this I want that off my background history I am really angry so far it has not affected me negatively that I know of but it needs to be removed thank hou