Emergency assistance

Hello my name is Ramon Lay and I’m a single father who just received full custody of my 13yr old son and we are in desperate need of housing, as of now we are staying in motel and pretty much anywhere we can! I work everyday and its sometimes difficult trying to work and find housing everyday to avoid sleeping outside, i try over and over to reach out to check my status for housing but its like pulling teeth trying to actually speak with anyone there. And i seriously need some assistance, what can I do?

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Yeah I’ve been homeless for almost a year and a half I had some pretty traumatizing experiences I almost died in the hospital I had a tuber pregnancy unfortunately the baby died I have never been in this situation before in my life and I live in Elko Nevada there’s no help here there really isn’t yeah fish does whatever they can I guess they have one place here and it’s called The Samaritan House it’s a true story house it doesn’t have that many bedrooms in it or you have to share a room with more than one person and you don’t know when you come back if your stuff is going to be there or not I have went and tried every damn thing I possibly could think of and I just keep spending my wheels I need help and I need help now I guess I need emergency assistance what do I do about all this

Hello I’m 57 hard working homeless lady that needs help just getting into a house i don’t make enough to get into a home PLEASE PLEASE HELP??