In need of real help!

Myself and my 3 year old are officially homeless. We stayed in my car for the last 3 days. Now my car won’t start and I can’t not move my car I don’t want it to get towed because it’s the only thing of importance that I own at the moment. I’m on like every housing help website there is and even on a few ha list in the state of Washington. I’ve went to a shelter but they said they didn’t have openings until sep 10th. I told her we are homeless now not in 2 weeks. So she gave me a list of websites and phone ■■■■■■■. I don’t need that stuff I need help getting into a house. I’ve called those ■■■■■■■ just to be given more. Like how do you get real help that’s all I want to know. I’ve done everything the state has asked and needed and still nothing. I need some for real no bs runaround I need help. Someone please give me the answers I’m looking for.