Emergency medical relocation housing for disabled and care-giver

Hello my name is Tiffani, I am 49 and I am asking for any resources that would be able to help my son and I get housing. I am an amputee with RSD, I take several orals daily and also manage a pain pump. My son is 21 and acts as my caregiver but is not getting paid for his service. He currently works parttime at Publix. We moved to Arizona last year and sold our belongings in hopes of finding medical treatment for my pain but was unsuccessful and have now returned and living in an airbnb until March 8. I have contacted several resources and have not been able to find something with my income I can show I can afford. We now are staying in a studio apartment. I am wheelchair bound and would not be able to do steps or porches. If anyone knows of anyplace or agency or organizations number , we would be grateful.