How do I check my section 8 voucher application after applying?

Once I apply, how do I check my section 8 status? Can I view my status online?


Andy thank you so much for your reply,

this is an important question. We answer this often, these instruction will help you check and confirm your waiting list status after applying.

For more details click on this article, it will walk you through confirming your Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

After submitting your Section 8 voucher application, you may be wondering how to check the status of your application. The good news is that there are a few ways you can do this.

Contact Your Local Housing Authority HERE

The first and most straightforward way to check your Section 8 voucher application status is to contact your local housing authority. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on your application status. You can find the contact information for your local housing authority on the HUD website.

Check Online

Many housing authorities now offer online portals where you can check your Section 8 voucher application status. If your local housing authority offers this option, you will need to create an account and log in to check your status. This is a convenient way to check your status without having to call or visit the housing authority in person.

Wait for a Letter

If you do not want to contact your local housing authority or check online, you can simply wait for a letter in the mail. The housing authority will send you a letter letting you know whether your application has been approved, denied, or placed on a waiting list. However, this method may take longer than the other options.

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to check the status of your Section 8 voucher application. You can contact your local housing authority, check online, or wait for a letter in the mail. It is important to stay updated on the status of your application to ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines or opportunities.


How to check my status of my application


read the long answer above. You must have missed it so we link it again. There is no way you would ask how to check on your application if you did see the response. This instructions are here How do I check my section 8 voucher application after applying? - #2 by ahhfamily


I’ve been waiting on my letter and still haven’t gotten it. How do I check the status of my waiting list for the section 8 and vaucher ?


Hey William! Just wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to review the steps we provided in this thread. Let us know if you have any further questions or need additional clarification. We’re here to help!

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I confirm to keep me on your listi confirm to put me on your waitlist. Betty B.

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I need an apartment bad and I’ve been trying to get one for 12 or 13 years on my low income status so I want to know will I be put on the voucher list cuz I need apartment ASAP I don’t want to live outside because of my income but I got to do something

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Contact ur ohfa office

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you will receive an email or text directing you to go to the attendance checklist. It will give you an identification number. You will create an account and put the id . It will ask for your information. they can contact you at the current address and phone number, then you will be added to the waiting list, you will also receive documents in the mail when you receive something from Ohfa, give it to them as soon as possible and you can check everything there

Hi my name is Felicia I can remember my password . How can get n touch with Vallejo housing. To c what my number is

Ive been waiting for a response for a minute now. I would rather have my response thru the mail to know that its ligit.

We want to be able to see our Housing Section 8 Number, not go in circles, Respectfully

I am No. 28 but now can’t find where I was when HUD told me that

15 Years on Section 8 in CA

In CA, you call a number and enter your Social Security Number and waa Laa, you are given your Section 8 Number and about how long that means; mine went from 3,000+ to hundreds in such a short time I did a double-take, but when I called back to make sure it remained, thereafter a lady verified it was true as I started talking to her and then she asked for my ss# and I said that’s alright, thank you and got off the phone

The day I moved out to get my Authored Book out (on Third Re-Print in 2023 from June 2000 and Family now Reviewing), and to save for deposits and things I’d need, that SAME day as I thereafter left my storage with my cel phone, car, the beach (avid 7 mile runner), and er Friend, a letter that my number had come up was sitting THERE in my P.O. Box : )

Beautiful Home in Huntington Beach, CA for 15 Years, now Leading Plaintiff with The United States Government, I wasn’t alone

Now with U.S. Govs in Columbia and Luzerne County in a little safe nook in PA

Survivor of Torture - True💗

Hi Felicia,
Thank you for coming to the forum. I understand that you are looking for contact information about Vallejo Housing. Here I attach the link so you can check your password. For any other information in this regard, do not hesitate to contact us.
Good luck!
Ahh Family

I am still waiting to hear about my application.

Thank You
Sherry Doran

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Hello My Name Is Fallon Shelton i signed up for section 8 on 1/18/2023 and the place name was section 8 620 dew street nashville Tn 37206 and I still have not heard anything from them !! I trying to get some help because I really don’t have no were to go and I am staying place to place and it is getin cold out side and I don’t want to be in the cold .

I cannot get my emails. Phone has been hacked Idenity theft I really need to speak to someone plz Carita Hoyle

I never received a letter either that’s why I’m not understanding when I check my status it said inactive meaning I was denied a second time and it’s frustrating