Check status for housing voucher

I got a message saying Do not miss out on your housing notification from the Housing Authority. So do I need to call them because when I click the link it provides it goes to the same page about information on how to check the status of your voucher on the waiting list which I still have not been able to do

They have you know I think they’re just checking to see if there’s any kind of response from you

I keep checking and looking for ways find out i need housing

How do I check I really need it please help me

Good morning,
That is a good question, I get emails for a status check daily and I found out that my application for Section 8, Mainstream housing program is no where to be found, for two years I been checking trying get me a home and I cannot be found. What can I do? I really in need I been staying here there. I am 58 years old and can’t even find me a home. I really need somebody to help me please.