Looking for housing for single, disabled woman with an ESA!

Hello, I’ve been homeless now about 2 years running. I’m disabled and i have an ESA(emotional support animal). She’s a small dog named Lily. I paid 65$ to have her registered as such, therefore she should be federally protected under the American with disabilities act! Shelters turn us down saying that they can’t take us due to people w allergies?! I’m on every waiting list for housing all over Pennsylvania ,Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey!! We’ve stayed in hotels, friends couches, tents, unlocked cars and abandoned buildings.
We are tired. I will never abandon her. I’ve had her since she was born. I bottle fed her. I’m the only constant she knows. She has literally saved my life twice. Neither of us could survive w out the other.
Please help in any way you can.
Thank you.

Dont call her an esa, besides giving you emotional support does she do anything for you? Does she gelp you to hear when people come up behind you. Does she let you know there is someone at the door when you cant hear them ? If you can say yes to her helping you in any way, dhe is a service dog. You do not need to pay to have her registered as such, though people will tell you you have to. She will be protected under ada to go anywhere except an operating room. All people can ask is is she a service dog,what does she do. Can not ask what your disability is. But most people wont ask anything except is she a service dog. I had my service dog (11 pounds) in the er with me. They asked,i said yes,no problems! Double check exactly what they can ask you.