Change was of thinking

**we need to change are way of thinking when it comes to this bs I’ve been in your shoes now then once running from an abuser slepped under a bridge sleep I’n a tree house sleeped in a ditch with track put on top of me so no one would find me if u can look on the the internet for ohfa in ur city or hud or dhs or even churches shelters hospitals*or even wourd of mouth what the really need to do is take on old hotel and make them in to small apartment for a lot of us or like we’re we were at one time the took a whole block of house witch half of then we’re no one was living in then and fix then up and made them I’m to half house which means the had one or more families take one of the house like a house with 4rooms and living rooms that. We’re split the house and t family’s to each half if the residents and the had to share to the we kitchen and they had to share the *

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I haven’t been in your “shoes” but yes wow!
My partner just passed unexpectedly in the middle of the nite and there went half the bill money’s also …
Ive been “tossed” out into this Crazy World we live in and Wowzers!
Ive been blessed w a van and I thought I was gonna be living out of it for a moment!
The system’s so messed up!!!
Emergancy is totally seperate from If you have a roof over your head at all !
Ive Been Blessed and God opened the Apartment I now just moved into!!!
(I called and looked everywhere for affordable housing and the lists are crazy or theyre nkt excepting apps because theyre full !
I got into a brand new construction in Breese IL (still taking apps *based on working income & “other”) by Grace of God I got in!
The “redtape” is horrendous for Everything especially when one is going thru Crisis!
I did make it on the County Island Sec 8 list also and about a 3 yr wait stated on my paper no ■■■■■■■ given
I also submitted to Colorado and Illinois incase I may get Voucher quicker than Island County !?!?!
Gotta keep pushin Keep positive I placed myself in Gods hands with my Gang of Angels !
Blessungs of the Best of Everything Involved for Everyone ~