Checking my contact and wait list info

My name is debra woodruff. I put an application in for low income housing in april. I am getting email from the housing association informing me to check my contact info and wait list status. I am un able to check it. I am having problems logging in. I have been texting and calling but get no answers from any one… i need help with getting in contact with someone to let them know that i am still interested and to please not take me off the waiting list please. Could you please help me. Debra woodruff confirmation # A0098764 4/4/23 t0192010 i would truly appreciate any help you can give me. Please help me my text said it was urgent that i check my info or i was going to be removed from the waiting list. Thank very much

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i feel exactly as the aforementiòned.doing all im directed but its stiĺl a puzzle.i too need to ķnow what do i do witĥ confirmation #s? i signèd up for 14 ĥousing opps and i heàr nòthing.i have so manÿ im confused.i need this desperatly.answers please

Hey Debra, we have this section:
Status Check

Or you can directly visit this topic for more information:
How do I check my section 8 voucher application after applying?

AHH Staff

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I have been having the same issue for years